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Since 1989, Creative Care’s mission has been to understand early experiences and underlying causes that manifest as mental health difficulties and addiction struggles throughout adulthood. Creative Care’s founders and current owners, Drs. Morteza and Karen Khaleghi, pioneered a dual diagnosis approach in the treatment of addiction and have dedicated their lives to caring for clients and their families. With the unwavering and unparalleled efforts of Creative Care’s professional staff, Creative Care continues to utilize a biopsychosocial approach, a psychoanalytic frame, and evidence-based practices to get clients and their families on the road to recovery. Utilizing compassion, integrity, and spirituality, Creative Care implements individualized treatment plans to assist clients in connecting the dots and improving their quality of life.

At Creative Care, we specialize in treating a complex client within our two programs: the dual diagnosis treatment program and the mental health treatment program. We believe in approaching substance use disorders and mental health conditions with respect to current and historical aspects of the individual’s personhood, such as integrating the impact of historical traumas, understanding intricate interpersonal dynamics, and identifying mental health difficulties.

Our clinical team is made up of compassionate, experienced professionals trained in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities that are employed to meet the needs of each individual Client. Each Client at Creative Care receives a comprehensive assessment by our triple-board certified psychiatrist and our seasoned clinicians, ensuring diagnostic accuracy through psychological evaluation, physical examinations, and clinical observation.Creative Care believes in unearthing and understanding the core of our Clients’ experiences, collaborating with Clients to target symptoms, achieve goals, and join them in their recovery journey. We treat the whole person and are committed to providing the highest quality of clinical excellence.

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Through careful listening and observing each individual we diagnose what co-occurring disorders might be amplifying their addictions.

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Mental health professionals from all over the world hold Creative Care in the highest regard and trust us to care for their clients’ needs with the most discerning level of clinical acumen.

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Whether tucked away in the historical neighborhood of Walnut Acres or enclosed in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, our charming facilities provide a tranquil and healing atmosphere for our clients.

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Woodland Hills Calabasas

Dr. Phil Preferred Treatment Center

Creative Care has been featured many times and assisted several guests of the Dr. Phil show in resolving their issues and beginning to lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

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To our friends, family, colleagues, and professional partners who have been affected by the devastating wild fires, Creative Care offers our deepest condolences. We are a community and we will persevere together.

To the first responders, volunteers, and neighbors who worked tirelessly and selflessly to contain the ferocious flames our gratitude cannot be measured.

This has been a weekend of catastrophic events, which has brought to the forefront the resilience, dedication, and strength that began Creative Care in 1989.

We are grateful for the outpouring of love from our alumni community, friends and family, colleagues and professional partners… and staff members past and present who have contacted us with offers of assistance and support.

We are humbled by your kindness, generosity, and solidarity. We thank you all.

Thanks to the monumental efforts of our remarkable staff and team…all clients, staff and horses are safe!

Creative Care is enduring the storm thanks to our dedicated, soulful employees that continue to take care of clients and provide the highest quality of care. We have a responsibility as professionals to model for clients and families how to navigate through times of crisis with dignity and grace and we are committed to the task.

Creative Care Malibu lost structures and we are eager to assess the damage and begin our plans to rebuild.

While we embark on the rebuilding and restoration process in Malibu, we have found a beautiful new facility to make Creative Care a home in Woodland Hills. We are fully operational and standing strong to serve our clients.

Creative Care Calabasas is safe and we look forward to being allowed re-entry.

In the coming days, we will share the new developments as Creative Care rebuilds and renews.

With love,

Dr. K
Dr. Karen Khaleghi
Dr. Farrah Khaleghi
Seymone Khaleghi
Dustin Khaleghi
Skylar Khaleghi