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Who We Are

Founded in 1989 as a response to the lack of person-centered care in the industry, Creative Care provides compassionate, professional care within innovative models of diagnosis treatment for persons seeking to address co-occurring substance use disorders with the goal of sustained mental wellness. We believe successful recovery begins with understanding early experiences and underlying causes that manifest as adult mental health struggles, including depression, anxiety, and co-occurring substance use disorders.

Creative Care offers a biopsychosocial approach within a psychoanalytic framework of evidence-based practices such as psychodynamic therapy, CBT-informed therapy, EMDR, and more in individual, group, and family sessions at our beautiful locations in Calabasas, California. We honor the histories, experiences, and humanity of everyone who walks through our doors, tailoring each plan to each unique individual. Our full staff of licensed and certified mental health professionals collaborates with our Clients to target symptoms, achieve goals, and gently guide them in their recovery journey toward new lives of contentment and inner peace.

5 Star Review

“I was given the care I needed and then some.
The staff here is amazing.

Benjamin R.
5 Star Review

“Creative care is a dual diagnosis facility that absolutely was crucial in my recovery and absolutely saved my life.”

Seneca H.
5 Star Review

“I was treated with love and respect and kindness at all times and would return immediately if I had any other problems.”

Tanya W.
5 Star Review

“I can’t express how grateful I am as Creative Care really changed my life! The Treatment Teams and Staff are absolutely amazing and caring.”

Anne L.

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Creative Care is devoted to maximizing each Client’s insurance and creating an individualized treatment plan that will best suit their needs so our Clients can focus on recovery. To ensure our Clients receive the best possible outcome from their insurance, Creative Care will handle the verification of benefits, pre-authorization, utilization review, billing, and collections. The admissions staff at Creative Care is very hands-on with the intake and insurance process, walking the Client through every step of the way. Creative Care is a fully integrated, comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment facility that provides compassionate treatment and works tirelessly to assist those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. In these challenging times, we know how hard it can be, and Creative Care is here to help.

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