Creative Care’s Mission Statement

It is the mission of Creative Care to provide compassionate, professional care within innovative models of treatment to ensure long-term recovery for persons seeking to address mental health and addiction conditions in support of improving their quality of life.

Core Values

01.Creative Care believes understanding early experiences and underlying causes that manifest as mental health difficulties and addiction struggles throughout adulthood is a core component of successful recovery.

02.Creative Care believes a biopsychosocial approach within a psychoanalytic framework of evidence-based practices is optimal for supporting clients and their families on the road to recovery.

03.Creative Care believes collaborative, compassionate care facilitated by dedicated professional employees is a key component for improving the quality of life of the persons served.

04.Creative Care believes that person-centered care, implemented through individualized treatment based on the needs of each person served, is supportive of optimal recovery-based outcomes.

05.Creative Care believes innovative approaches within a dual diagnosis approach to treatment, developed by its dedicated founders/owners, provides a foundation for long-term spiritually-based recovery.

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