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Dr. Andrew Mitton Joins Our Creative Care Family


“I strive to make treatment a positive and engaging process”

Dr. Andrew Mitton is a double-board certified psychiatrist in both general adult and addiction psychiatry and is grateful for the opportunity to share his expertise with Creative Care. Dr. Mitton grew up in the Pacific Northwest and attended college and medical school on the East Coast. He began his residency training at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and completed it at UCLA, where he also completed a Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry.

Dr. Mitton believes in using medication as a tool in the toolbox of treatment that includes a holistic understanding of who we are and how we thrive. He strives to make treatment a positive and engaging process in which dialogue guides treatment plans unique to each Client and their needs. Dr. Mitton also firmly believes in the mind-body connection and tries to live a balanced life, making a point of getting outside as much as possible. He enjoys hiking, being out on the ocean, and up in the mountains.

Dr. Mitton’s Video will Be Available the Week of 8/19.

The dual diagnosis treatment program at Creative Care finds its core in gently unearthing the traumatic experiences that comprise the roots of co-occurring substance use disorders, integrating the impact of these historical traumas, understanding intricate interpersonal dynamics, and identifying mental health difficulties. Our dedicated and fully equipped staff views each client as an individual with a unique history, and we strive to honor that individuality throughout the recovery process, from detox to aftercare. It is our mission to ensure that all who suffer from co-occurring substance use disorders receive the opportunity to be heard, be nurtured, and be healed.