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CDC Highlights Need for Dual Diagnosis Approach

CDC Highlights the Need for Dual Diagnosis Approach

CDC Highlights the Need for Dual Diagnosis Approach A recent article in The Hill examines the latest Morbidity and Mortality Report from the CDC. For their assessment, the CDC used 2019 NAVIPPRO data. The National Addictions Vigilance Intervention and Prevention Program (NAVIPPRO) Addiction Severity Index-Multimedia Version (ASI-MV) tool is a self-administered, computerized, structured clinical assessment…

Mindfulness as Relapse Prevention Tool

Mindfulness as a Tool for Relapse Prevention

Mindfulness as a Relapse Prevention Tool The topic of relapse is unavoidable when the recovery of co-occurring substance use disorders, and a strong relapse prevention plan is a pillar of successful dual diagnosis treatment. This week we will be looking at mindfulness as a relapse prevention tool via an analysis by F. Curtis Breslin, Martin…

Social Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders

Social Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders

The Relationship Between Social Anxiety and Substance User Disorders Anxiety and substance use disorders are among the most commonly diagnosed co-occurring mental health conditions. In fact, anxiety disorders carry a 33-45% prevalence rate for a co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD). Furthermore, that SUD is more than twice as likely to be a more serious drug…

Opioid Addiction as Attachment Disorder

The Connection Between Opioid Addiction and Attachment Disorder

Opioid Addiction as an Attachment Disorder An upcoming American Psychological Association-sponsored webinar will examine opioid addiction as an attachment disorder. Among the topics it will consider is the attachment theory view of substance abuse as connection-seeking behavior and the altered neural activity of those with attachment issues. As attachment-focused interventions are one of the foundational…

LGBTQ+ Pride Month

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month: Building Bridges and Tearing Down Walls

Inclusivity and Safety for All Individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+ along with their allies observe Pride Month in June as a means to bring awareness to the struggles they’ve overcome and those that still persist, and to celebrate their community. Creative Care prioritizes inclusivity and safety for all and recognizes that traditional approaches to psychotherapy…

Dual Diagnosis Approach to Alcohol Treatment concept - group holding hands

The Importance of a Dual Diagnosis Approach to Alcohol Treatment

A Holistic Method of Alcohol Treatment Alcohol use disorder commonly co-occurs with other mental health disorders, particularly major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder. Individuals suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) are almost three times as likely to have struggled with major depressive disorder in the previous year than those without AUD. From the other side…