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Dual Diagnosis

Be heard. Be nurtured.
Be healed.

What We Believe

In 1989, Creative Care became the first entity in Southern California to uncover, identify, and treat the underlying issues and trauma while simultaneously treating addiction. Our philosophy is grounded in understanding and processing early experiences that manifest substance use, dual diagnosis, and other mental health difficulties throughout adulthood. Next, we help our clients learn how to manage, cope with, and overcome these troubles, teaching them a new way to live and thrive.

What We Treat

Creative Care’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program is a cutting-edge, holistic recovery track that evaluates, identifies, and addresses challenges arising from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. To this end, the Creative Care team uses a biopsychosocial approach, a psychoanalytic frame, and evidence-based practices to get patients and their families on the road to recovery.

Getting to the Roots of Substance Use and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

With compassion, integrity, and spirituality, the clinicians implement individualized treatment plans, assisting our Clients in connecting the dots and improving their quality of life. We collaborate with them to target symptoms, achieve goals, and walk alongside them on their recovery path.

How We Treat

The nucleus of success at Creative Care emanates from the client-therapist relationship. Understanding the crucial nature of this relationship, Creative Care employs the most highly-trained and emotionally-efficient therapists in the field working to provide the proper diagnostic picture for their client. In doing so, the therapist can facilitate their client’s discovery of the internalized pain that has been masked by their addiction for years, decades, or even a lifetime. By unmasking the trauma, the client will begin to see their addiction for the problem and solution it always was and begin the healing process.

Treatment Program

At Creative Care, we know that each client walks a different path towards recovery. To honor these distinct paths, no two treatment plans are alike. Each client’s action plan is oriented around their specific needs, making each phase of treatment at Creative Care a highly-individualized process.

With such distinctions in mind, there are universal traits of treatment. Each client can expect to have three-hour-long individual sessions with their primary therapist per week. Additionally, clients will have one individual session with their secondary counselor during the same period. Dependent upon the individual’s needs, clients will also meet with our psychiatrist up to three times per week.

Family members can also anticipate a weekly-scheduled time to speak to the primary therapist in addition to family therapy when applicable. Creative Care’s family therapy is integral to each client’s treatment plan and will be specific in its tailoring to the client and family unit respectively. In charting the proper course, family members will work with the client’s therapist to determine their own level of involvement. This includes individual family sessions and group therapy attendance.

Creative Care believes in the tradition of the 12-step program as a guiding principle and framework for battling the chaos of addiction. Clients incorporate this tradition into their clinical treatment through daily 12-step meetings. Additionally, they receive 12-step sponsorship. While some clients might desire alternatives to the 12-steps, the treatment team will still respectfully require participation in the 12-step program during all clients’ time at Creative Care. Moreover, clients can discuss these interests with their individual therapist to augment the 12-step structure to find greater cohesion within the dual diagnosis treatment system.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility

Creative Care’s Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program was designed to be an oasis for individuals who need the extra support, accountability, and direction to heal. Our facility in Calabasas, California offers our clients a safe and serene setting in which to begin building the foundations of a new life, replacing the distractions and temptations of their old lives with beautiful mountain views and a world-class treatment team. In addition to receiving advanced evidence-based therapy, clients will have the opportunity to hike the trails, meditate in the gardens, and access other popular ammenities, holistically healing the mind and body. Call Creative Care today.