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Our Formal Research Partnership with Dr. Timothy Fong of UCLA

Dr. Timothy Fong

Since our inception, Creative Care has given hundreds of patients a new lease on life. Our cutting-edge dual diagnosis and primary mental health treatment programs utilize the latest advances in therapy. We also nurture connections with mental health professionals and colleagues at quality programs. In doing so, we lead our clients to horizons they never thought possible.

 In October 2019, Creative Care established a formal research partnership with UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry. This collaborative relationship, led by Dr. Timothy Fong of UCLA and Dr. Farrah Khaleghi of Creative Care, is focused on understanding the clinical and administrative factors that impact mental health and addiction residential treatment outcomes.

The Focus of Our Project

In this research project, the specific goals and objectives are:

  • Increase the understanding and knowledge base of the clinical and administrative factors that lead to premature dropout from residential treatment.
  • Strengthen and advance clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes of treatment providers.
  • Promote a culture of advocacy and engagement that leads to the creation of products that improve the overall delivery of quality of care for addiction and mental health disorders.

Creative Care remains committed to our mission of promoting mental wellness through innovative, compassionate care. We believe this research partnership, built on shared dedication, expertise, and creativity, takes the next step toward this vision. Furthermore, it’s an opportunity to reaffirm our strong affinity for our community.


Timothy W. Fong MD

Dr. Fong is a Professor of Addiction Psychiatry at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, the director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, a one-year program that provides clinical training in the management of addictive disorders, and the co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program. The purpose of this program is to examine the underlying causes and clinical characteristics of gambling disorder in order to develop effective, evidence-based treatment strategies. Additionally, Dr. Fong is the faculty advisor to the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, a multidisciplinary effort to examine the full impact of cannabis on the body, mind, and brain.