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Who We Are

31 Years of Innovative Clinical Excellence

Creative Care has provided innovative clinical excellence to those suffering from co-occurring mental health conditions for over three decades. Founded in 1989, Creative Care is owned and operated by the Khaleghi Family. Since then, Creative Care has evolved with a cutting-edge program currently offered in beautiful Calabasas, California. Creative Care provides a complete range of treatment services to reach men, women, families, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals, military families, and veterans, survivors of harassment as well as domestic violence struggling with a wide range of mental health disorders.

World-Class Treatment

Our Calabasas programs provide a safe and supportive environment for treatment. For example, we address difficulties, confront attachment challenges, and build coping skills. To this end, the Creative Care team uses a biopsychosocial approach, a psychoanalytic frame, and evidence-based practices to get patients and their families on the road to recovery.

With compassion, integrity, and spirituality, the clinicians implement individualized treatment plans. We assist Clients in connecting the dots and improving their quality of life. For example, that means integrating the impact of historical traumas, understanding intricate interpersonal dynamics, and identifying mental health difficulties.

The Creative Care philosophy finds its center in unearthing and understanding the core of each patient’s experiences. We collaborate with them to target symptoms, achieve goals, and join them in their recovery journey.

Every Client receives a comprehensive assessment by Creative Care’s psychiatrist and seasoned clinicians. As a result, this ensures diagnostic accuracy through psychological evaluation, physical examinations, and clinical observation. Additionally, the team treats the whole person with cognitive behavioral therapy, psychiatric visits, and other methodologies. Indeed, we completely tailor each plan to each unique patient for the highest level of care.

Multicultural Therapy

At Creative Care, we understand that culture matters as much inside of the therapeutic setting as it did in every client’s life before treatment. And what impacts the client matters to the clinician. With this spirit of inclusivity in mind, clinicians are trained to both self-reflect in order to understand their own conception of culture. They then consider how their own understanding might be different from others, and, finally, how these differences could show up in therapy.

Upon reflection and consideration, clinicians are ready to meet each client and orient their action plan around these cultural nuances. Additionally, we invite each client to share their experiences and thoughts around the value of culture in their individual path to recovery.

More specific to how Creative Care integrates the multicultural approach: to begin with, we conceptualize a person’s attachment dynamics through the frame of the individual’s culture. This conceptualization is critical to the therapeutic process, given that attachment style frames the relationship habits for all of humanity-addiction or not. That is not to overstate the significance of the relationship, which is the relationship that an infant has with its primary caregiver. Next, our clinicians are primed to utilize cultural-responsiveness and person-centered care that grounds the therapeutic relationship. This process is as personal for each client as it is steeped in cultural sensitivity.

At Creative Care, we recognize that symptoms can manifest, thus appear differently based on the dominant culture of the client. This recognition of cultural underpinnings will naturally impact the implementation of treatment plans and any further personal needs that might appear throughout the treatment process. Finally, we aim to work within the culturally-congruent modalities to ensure client satisfaction.

LGBTQ-Affirming Therapy

At Creative Care, we recognize the culture of LGBTQ clients as integral to treatment planning and action. Moreover, the acceptance of LGBTQ as worthy of the highest level of care is innate to our mission: to create bridges and tear down walls. The walls that told these individuals that their sexual identity was subversive, rendering life a struggle. And addiction, a solution. The bridges to show the same people that there is another way.

At Creative Care, we recognize that traditional approaches to psychotherapy have not always catered to the needs of this community. But here, we know better. With compassion, we will devise a strategy that incorporates all facets of the client’s sexual identity into treatment. On these grounds, we say that Creative Care prioritizes inclusivity and safety for all. As per this orientation, we encourage all clients to express themselves and trust the validation that will come in return. We know that this is an exchange that might take some time to develop. However, our clinicians and the full Creative Care team are ready to go the distance with every client.

In addition, our group programming includes LGBTQ groups that will allow for individuals to share their struggles with others that might wear the same scars. While their concerns or experience within the community might vastly differ from their peers, they can all rely on the validation and affirmation for their life’s story within the walls of our home. Proudly at Creative Care, we also have clinicians that have taken the extra steps to become LGBTQ-affirming certified therapists.