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Integrative treatment of chemical dependency and mental health disorders is the only way to approach a dual diagnosis situation. One problem cannot be ignored while the other is successfully treated. Only by treating both conditions simultaneously can there be hope for a full recovery. At Creative Care, experts in dual diagnosis can help clients bring both issues into the recovery process, thus strengthening their return to health and helping to prevent relapse. Whichever came first, intervention into both aspects is necessary and productive.

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For more than twenty years, Creative Care has been considered an exceptional dual diagnosis facility, specializing in the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions that are complicated by other psychological disorders. Under the leadership of Drs. Morteza Khaleghi and Karen Khaleghi, Creative Care has been one of the pioneer’s in dual diagnosis addiction treatment.

Dual diagnosis is more common than you might think. According the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) about half of all people who suffer from severe mental disorders are also substance abusers, and more than a third of all alcoholics and more than half of all drug abusers also have a serious mental disorder. Creative Care specializes in treating all aspects of a client’s addiction and psychological conditions.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment for a Range of Conditions
. A few of the more common diagnoses for a co-occurring mental health issue include:

  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Psychotic Disorders

It is often difficult to know which is cause and which is effect when dealing with dual diagnosis situations, but both must be treated for the client to recover successfully from the addiction. Through individualized psychotherapy sessions, trauma assessment, physical health assessment, detox if necessary and a customized program of experiential therapies, clients learn how their addictions and co-occurring conditions feed off each other, and discover ways to disrupt that unhealthy interaction. Although personality disorders are not technically considered a dual diagnosis, they often coincide with a person suffering from dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders.

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