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Our Founders

Morteza Khaleghi, PhD and his wife Karen Khaleghi, PhD
Dr. Khaleghi, lovingly called Dr. K, and his wife Dr. Karen Khaleghi tell the world they have four children. Spend any amount of time with them and you will discover in 1989 they gave birth to a fifth child. A child who has grown up to become a successful residential facility specializing in dual diagnosis treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders and drug and alcohol addiction.

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Drug Treatment Services

  • At Creative Care Malibu, we recognize the multi-dimensional causes of chemical dependency, from past traumas, long-held beliefs and interpersonal dynamics
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  • Dual Diagnosis Dual Diagnosis treatment since 1989, Creative Care has been considered an exceptional dual diagnosis facility, specializing in the
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  • Experienced, Innovative Addiction Treatment With an individualized, compassionate treatment approach and the highest standards of clinical excellence, Creative Care Malibu
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