Compassionate, Innovative Treatment

At Creative Care, our mission is to provide compassionate, professional, and innovative treatment to ensure long-term recovery and improved quality of life. At the heart of each of our treatment modalities is our person-centered care. From our biopsychosocial approach to honoring each client’s individual spiritual journey, we treat the whole person, as a person. Furthermore, it is this philosophy that makes our dual diagnosis treatment program so successful. Old models of treatment had therapists attacking each condition in isolation, as if, for example, a client’s substance use disorder and depression weren’t inextricably bound and springing from the same source. By looking at the bigger picture and treating each client as a unique person, we uncover the trauma at the heart of the dual diagnoses and are able to guide each through their healing processes.


How Do Dual Diagnoses Occur?

Dual diagnoses are the result of several factors. Genetics, personality traits, biochemistry, environmental history, and upbringing all play a part. An individual who grows up in a household surrounded by substance use and depression, for example, is at serious risk of developing both of these disorders. Family trees are also good indicators of potential dual diagnoses. In fact, some genes can create predispositions that increase the odds of developing co-occurring conditions. Of course, in many cases, it can be difficult to pin down where the genetic factors end and the environmental influences begin. These difficulties highlight the need for a holistic, biopsychosocial approach.


Some Common Dual Diagnoses

There are no set rules about which co-occurring disorders can develop together. However, there are some pairs that seem to occur more often than others. For example, those who struggle with alcohol use disorder often also suffer from anxiety and depression. This is often the result of an attempt to self-medicate. Unfortunately, alcohol is a depressant and can easily exacerbate an existing problem or create a co-occurring new one. Other common pairings are depression and cocaine addiction, substance use disorder and schizophrenia, and SUD and borderline personality disorder.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Creative Care

Upon arrival at Creative Care, our licensed and certified staff evaluates all patients for dual diagnoses during admission. We then craft an individualized plan designed to treat the whole person, as a person. While each treatment plan is personalized, clients can expect to have three hour-long individual sessions with their primary therapist and one with their secondary counselor per week. Dependent upon their treatment plan, clients will meet also with our psychiatrist up to three times per week.

Additional services may include:

  • Medications
  • Family or couples therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Nutrition group
  • Equine group
  • Yoga and other relaxation therapy

With over 30 years of experience treating dual diagnoses, our facilities in Calabasas and Woodland Hills, California were created as an oasis for individuals who need the extra support, accountability, and direction to heal. If you or someone you love is struggling with co-occurring conditions, please consider giving Creative Care a call and begin your journey to recovery today.