Residential Treatment

Creative Care

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program & Mental Health Treatment Program located in Woodland Hills, CA & Calabasas, CA

If you or someone you love suffers from addictive behaviors, psychological disorders, or unhealthy habits, the best way to get well may be a personalized residential treatment facility. This boutique facility was started by clinicians and psychoanalysts, and continues to be run and managed by highly respected and genuinely compassionate experts. Call to discreetly discuss your needs and concerns today.




Residential Treatment Q & A

How does the residential treatment admissions process work?

After a phone assessment and an in-person meeting, you or your loved one complete a psychiatric assessment. During the psychiatric assessment, you’ll meet Creative Care’s clinical director, resident psychiatrist, highly trained therapists, registered nurses, and all the others who will support and guide you throughout recovery.

After arriving at Creative Care, providers administer any necessary medications, such as detox drugs, and plan care according to you or your loved one’s unique needs. At Creative Care, you or your loved one receive therapy from a primary care provider several times a week, a secondary counselor once a week, and the consulting psychiatrist when needed.

What are the residential treatment accommodations like?

Creative Care has four locations, in Calabasas, Woodland Hills, and Malibu. Each location has a charming, luxurious, and high-end atmosphere that’s often described as having a French boutique feel. Each location is private, tranquil, and optimally suited for recovery.

The Creative Care team feels that this elegant and comfortable environment, paired with the best in collaborative treatment, offers patients the ideal place to focus on healing and recovery. Patients may share a room, but private rooms are also available.

The Creative Care program director determines your or your loved one’s accommodations based on specific needs and situation. Patient comfort and wellness are always considered first at Creative Care.

How long does residential treatment last?

It’s unique to the patient, so the Creative Care team individually evaluates needs and progress to design a customized residential treatment plan. The minimum stay at Creative Care is 30 days.

However, many patients choose to stay 60-90 days because it's the ideal recommended minimum residential treatment stay. A longer stay allows you or your loved one to move beyond step one of a 12-step program and detox.

In the second and third months, you or your loved one fully delve into the causes, triggers, and problems that led to rehab. You or your loved one also learn the tools needed to avoid future relapses.

For comfortable and private residential treatment that’s specially customized for you or your loved one’s individual needs, you can rely on the Creative Care team. Call to speak with a supportive and compassionate specialist today.