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Inpatient treatment is often the most effective way to overcome the dependencies or addictions that plague you or the person you love. At the elegant and boutique hotel-like Creative Care facilities, the dedicated clinicians and psychoanalysts have extensive experience with substance use disorder and addiction in all of its different forms. The compassionate Creative Care team offers the best in fully customized patient-centered care, so get in touch by phone now.




Inpatient Treatment Q & A

Is inpatient treatment the best choice?

It depends on the situation. There are several things that indicate a need for inpatient versus outpatient treatment, including:

  • Trying to quit but failing
  • Weekly therapy isn't sufficient
  • The addiction isn't the only problem (psychological disorders or other problems also present)
  • Needing detox to safely stop drugs or alcohol

If you or your loved one fits into the categories above, inpatient treatment is often the safest and best choice.

How does detox work in inpatient treatment?

The first step of admission is the admission psychiatric assessment, in which the Creative Care team meets with you or your loved one to get a comprehensive picture of current health and wellness. The doctors then use this information to design a customized treatment plan, and if necessary diagnose any previously undiagnosed conditions.

During the psychiatric assessment, you or your loved one receive any necessary medication to begin the detox process right away. You or your loved one are closely monitored to ensure safety and comfort during detox.

The amount of time that it takes to detox varies widely depending on the substances, specific body chemistry, and other factors specific to the patient. It may be anywhere from three days to two weeks.

How long does inpatient treatment take?

Inpatient treatment takes a minimum of 30 days, but the Creative Care team often recommends a 60-90-day stay for optimal benefit.

The first 30 days of treatment focuses on detox, mood stabilization, learning self-care, and completing the first step of a 12-step program. While these are incredibly important tools to have, a longer stay gives you or your loved one more long-term wellness tools.

During the second month of treatment, you or your loved one gain a deeper understanding of addictive behavior, learn more about the diagnosis, participate in family and/or couples therapy, create and implement a plan to deal with stressors, and finish steps two and three of a 12-step program.

In the third month of treatment, you or your loved one learn medication management, mood stabilization without self-harm, a relapse-prevention plan, and tools for transitioning back into daily life successfully. By month three, you or your loved one are well-entrenched in the 12-step process and work closely with a local sponsor for extra support.

By choosing the recommended program length, you or your loved one are choosing long-term success and wellness.

When you or a loved one need inpatient treatment, trust the Creative Care team for a comfortable and safe recovery environment. Call to speak with a specialist now.