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For drug treatment to truly succeed, the right environment is crucial. At Creative Care, a skilled team of addiction experts uses a collaborative approach to recovery in a soothing, elegant, and comfortable environment. For the best in drug treatment from dedicated care providers, call to speak with a specialist today.


Creative Care’s approach is designed to address the addiction and its consequences for the individual and their loved ones and friends. 

We offer a full range of care, recognizing that not everyone needs the same addiction treatment plan. We’re on this path together — every step of the way. The Creative Care treatment program is a multi-faceted recovery progression, that evaluates, identifies, and addresses challenges.

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Drug Treatment Q&A

When is drug treatment needed?

Knowing when one needs treatment is varies by situation. The following are common indicators that it’s time to seek help:

  • Failed attempts to quit independently
  • Withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit
  • Self-harm or harm to others while using drugs
  • Negative life changes due to drugs
  • Lying about your drug use
  • Health problems triggered by addiction
  • Loved ones begging you or your loved one to quit using drugs
  • Risky behavior while on drugs

Every situation is different, so you or your loved one may also have different factors that contribute to the decision to get treatment. In general, if you think that treatment might be needed, it usually is.

What does the drug treatment program include?

The treatment program at Creative Care is highly personalized, so it is unique to each patient. Upon admission, drug treatment patients go through a full assessment and begin using the appropriate medications, if necessary.

Starting a medically supervised program quickly ensures that you or your loved one are comfortable and able to focus on early recovery instead of being disabled by pain and other withdrawal symptoms.

Patients in the drug treatment program typically see their therapist around three times each week, in addition to meeting with their secondary counselor and psychiatrist as needed. If you or your loved one have mental health conditions, treatment for these conditions occurs at the same time.

Since spouses, significant others, and other family are such an important support system for recovery, family therapy sessions are a crucial part of drug treatment as well.

All drug treatment patients work with a 12-step program during their time at Creative Care. In the first month, the focus is on step one. You or your loved one progress through the steps with the supportive team’s help over the following months and during aftercare.

Additional healing therapies include art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, and nutritional support.

How long does drug treatment last?

The minimum stay at Creative Care is 30 days, but many patients stay 60-90 days for optimal recovery. The care team customizes a plan for you or your loved one based on specific needs and goals.

For drug treatment from dedicated providers in a beautiful setting in California, call Creative Care to speak to a specialist today.