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Alcohol use disorders affect at least 15 million adults, and they’re also a common cause of death. Just because alcohol is legal doesn’t mean that it’s safe for everyone to use. If you or your loved one suffer from alcoholism or alcohol abuse, help is needed to take control back. At Creative Care, alcohol treatment specialists help patients recover in a comfortable environment that’s focused on both physical and mental wellness. Call the office for help now.


We develop a customized program that meets each individual’s needs and gives them their best opportunity to achieve long-term sobriety. Our qualified treatment staff creates an individualized treatment plan for every client who comes to Creative Care. We are a nationally-recognized, licensed addiction treatment center. 

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Alcohol Treatment Q&A

What are the signs of alcohol addiction?

Alcoholics may display a number of signs indicating that there’s a serious problem, including:

  • Trying to quit drinking and failing
  • Altering habits to try to control the problem, such as drinking wine but not hard liquor
  • Powerful or overwhelming cravings when not drinking
  • Increasing alcohol tolerance
  • Using nearly any excuse to drink
  • Suffering withdrawal symptoms without alcohol in the body
  • Health problems due to alcohol use, such as liver damage
  • Work problems, such as missing work or losing a job, because of alcohol use
  • Family and other relationships suffer due to alcohol use
  • Legal and financial problems, for example, DUI or DWI charges

Some men and women may abuse alcohol but aren’t yet addicted to it. Signs of alcohol abuse are often the same as those of alcohol addiction, but someone who abuses alcohol doesn’t yet have a physical dependency on it.

Alcohol abuse, such as weekend-only binge drinking, can easily turn into addiction in time. It’s important to seek help as soon as alcohol starts causing problems in the life of you or your loved one.

How do I know if residential alcohol treatment is needed?

A professional evaluation with a Creative Care specialist is crucial in determining whether you or your loved one need alcohol treatment. In general, if you’re concerned about the damage that alcohol is causing, there’s a good chance that treatment is highly beneficial.

How does alcohol treatment work?

Creative Care customizes alcohol, drug, and dual diagnosis treatment for each patient’s unique needs, so every program is different.

After admission and comprehensive evaluation, you or your loved one begin the process. It’s always medically supervised by a registered nurse who works with the consulting psychiatrist, staff psychologists, and other team professionals to ensure safety and wellness throughout the process.

Throughout treatment, patients typically meet with their primary therapist several times a week in addition to seeing a secondary therapist, the consulting psychiatrist, and other highly trained care providers. While working through a 12-step program, Creative Care patients uncover their problems and triggers while learning a healthy new lifestyle without alcohol.

You or your loved one participate in activities like yoga, art therapy, and equine therapy while learning effective tools for transitioning back into daily life and making the most of that life.

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