Addiction affects one in five people in the United States, putting families through a heartbreaking cycle of recovery and relapse. In his book, Free from Addiction, Creative Care’s founder Dr. Morteza Khaleghi empowers you to take positive steps toward recovery. Drawing on over 20 years of experience healing patients, Dr. Khaleghi’s insightful, nurturing and – above all – breakthrough book is geared to anyone looking for help with dependency. Dr. Khaleghi’s book also provides direction for spouses, parents, children, and friends, who bear the brunt of the damaging disease of addiction.

Here is an excerpt from Free from Addiction, Chapter 4 ‘Recognizing Addictive Behavior’:

How do you know if someone you care about is addicted? There are a great many misconceptions about addiction, and they often form the basis for excuses to not enter treatment. One of the most common misconceptions is: “I’m not an addict because I have a home and a family.” But drug addiction and alcoholism are hardly phenomena relegated to skid row. If anything, there are probably many more addicts who are virtually indistinguishable from everyone else – save that they drink or continue their drug use no matter how adverse the consequences.

“But I go to work every day” is another popular excuse. Behind it lies the common belief that you can be a “functioning alcoholic” or “social drug user” – the idea that as long as you’re still employed and bringing home a paycheck, you can carry on with your “vice.” In fact, even if your drinking or drug use isn’t impacting your work attendance, it is doubtless causing a host of other problems – or it will soon. Many recovering individuals will tell you that it’s a short path from managing to get by to finding it difficult to get to the office at all.

“I’m not an alcoholic/drug abuse because I don’t use around the clock. Sometimes I don’t use every day.” That’s another common excuse. The reality is that some alcoholics really don’t drink very often. They can go days, weeks, or even months without having a drop of alcohol – feats they brag about, as if abstaining for short periods underscores that they aren’t addicts. The problem, as those close to them (and, ultimately, as they themselves) know is that they have zero control over their alcohol consumption or drug use once they return to it.

Another common excuse for not seeking treatment is: “It’s my business if I drink; it’s only my own life that I’m screwing up.” It’s essential for addicts to understand that their behavior affects the lives of their loved ones as well as their own. Talking with family and friends can help here. Eventually, every addict must acknowledge that addiction is at the root of his or her problems, not bad luck or abuse by others (although these may play a role, of course).

Taking responsibility is liberating, because if people can accept that they have the power to create a bad situation, they can grasp that it’s within their power to change the situation.

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