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Common Questions

Creative Care was founded in 1989 in response to what we felt was a lack of person-centered care in the mental health industry. We believe our compassionate focus on the experiences and voice of each individual, combined with our innovative blend of evidence-based therapy and holistic healing methods are what sets Creative Care apart.

We do have private rooms, but at this time no particular room is promised to any one Client. Rooms are designated by the program director taking into account the needs of the Clients and the circumstances at the time of admittance.

Our Clients range from 18-year-olds and up. We continue to coordinate groups, houses and roommates based on similarities to help pair individuals with like-minded people.

Your treatment plan will be designed specifically to meet your needs. Our groups are small, intensive, and process-oriented, focusing on mental health disorders. We have a variety of specialty groups including trauma, women’s and men’s, grief, spirituality, activities, and expressive arts.

At Creative Care we monitor Clients going through detox very carefully and with our consulting psychiatrist and full-time nursing staff, we make sure Clients are safe and comfortable while going through this process.

Family work is determined by the therapist and the treatment team and is tailored to meet the client’s needs. Interaction with the family could start immediately, or not until the second month. These sessions may include couples or whole families, meetings with the doctor, and group sessions. Supportive families are always encouraged to learn as much as possible about the treatment their loved one is receiving.

How often a Client will see a physician depends upon our initial physical and psychological assessment. Clients in need of psychiatric stabilization often need to see a doctor from one to three times a week.

Insurance can often help offset and, occasionally, completely cover the cost of receiving treatment at our facility. We have specialists who verify and help apply insurance coverage to costs for mental health treatment. Our admissions specialists will contact your insurance carrier and process requests to see what level of care is part of your or your loved one’s coverage. While all intensive health care is costly, Creative Care’s prices are well below market value for the Malibu area – by two or three times. Considering our remarkable location, amenities, and excellent staff-to-Client ratios, we feel we are offering a premier facility and program at a reasonable cost.

The level of treatment will be determined by the admissions coordinator based on discussions with the client and family. But here are some signs that indicate the client needs to spend time in residence:

  • The person needs psychiatric assessment, stabilization and a structured environment.
  • The person needs therapy more than once a week to sustain stability.
  • The person has tried lower levels of care with little to no relief of symptoms.
  • The person lacks adequate support at home.

Call one of our intake counselors at (855) 954-0762 and let us help you figure out your level of need and your next move.

Each individual is unique. Creative Care assesses each person and is provided their own treatment plan. Many people recovering from mental health disorders require more time in a residential setting due to the complexity of the issues being addressed. An optimal recommended minimum stay is sixty to ninety days.

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Creative Care is devoted to maximizing each client’s insurance and creating an individualized treatment plan that will best suit their needs so our clients can focus on recovery. To ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome from their insurance, Creative Care will handle the verification of benefits, pre-authorization, utilization review, billing and collections. The admissions staff at Creative Care is very hands-on with the intake and insurance process, walking the client through every step of the way.

Creative Care is a fully integrated, comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment facility that provides compassionate treatment and works tirelessly to assist those suffering from addiction and mental health issues. In these challenging times, we know how hard it can be, and Creative Care is here to help.

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