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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles - palms at the beach at sunset

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders in Los Angeles

Creative Care believes that successful dual diagnosis treatment begins with our attention to detail, our attunement to each individual Client, and our unwavering compassion. Too often, individuals seeking help fall into a cycle of treatment center episode after treatment center episode. Each relapse leaves them feeling broken, confused, and wondering why they “can’t get it.” Furthermore, the feeling of failure drives them deeper into their addictions and other dysfunctional behavior. Creative Care doesn’t believe that these individuals have failed. Rather, we believe outmoded treatment models have failed them. We treat problematic substance use and concealed mental health disorders concurrently, seeing both as manifestations of an unhealed wound. Individuals seeking addiction and dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles can be assured that our staff, with years of experience calibrated to the current evidence-based practices, will expertly diagnose and tackle the underlying mental health conditions and trauma that have previously remained unattended.


Individualized Treatment Plans and a Collaborative Approach

Clients at Creative Care can expect an individualized treatment plan to maximize their chances for a successful and sustained recovery. Of course, there are elements that are universal. For example, each Client will have three hour-long sessions with their primary therapist per week, along with one individual session with their secondary counselor. However, certain types of treatment resonate more deeply with each individual Client. For instance, a personalized treatment plan may include:

Our collaborative approach, emphasizing communication among Clients and staff, along with frequent staff meetings, in which we take a deep dive into case histories and progress reports, ensures that each Client receives the blend of treatment modalities that’s right for them.


Be Heard, Be Nurtured, Be Healed.

Individuals seeking dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles find an atmosphere of profound compassion at Creative Care. In fact, many of our staff, as well as our founders, have personal experience with the damage and heartbreak resulting from addiction and untreated mental health conditions. Emphatically, our Clients are not case numbers. On the contrary, they are human beings waiting to tell their unique stories. We have made it our life’s work to ensure that everyone suffering from co-occurring disorders receives the chance to be heard, be nurtured, and be healed. If you or someone you love is in need of dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles, please consider giving Creative Care a call today.