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Daniel Hai, Psy.D.

Dr. Daniel Hai is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who combines the latest research with the knowledge he has gained in his years of practice and lifelong study of both western and eastern psychotherapy treatments. His practice incorporates a humanistic approach that recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. Custom assessments and treatment plans are one way this approach is evident in his practice. Instead of treating a diagnosis, Dr. Hai’s treatment plans consider the whole person from a holistic view that seeks to identify and resolve the root of the problem rather than just treat symptoms.

Dr. Hai’s Neuro Cognitive Therapy is a proprietary treatment developed as a result of years of practice and study. Drawing from multiple disciplines including neuropsychology, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness principles, Lurian research, attachment theory, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Dr. Hai received professional experience, training, and education at Berkeley, Cal State University, Northridge, Neuropsychology Clinics, UCLA, Fielding, Ryokan College, School of Forensic Studies, and Cedars Sinai. His post-doctoral clinical neuropsychology degree was obtained from Fielding Graduate University.

Dr. Hai provides training and treatment. His clinical experiences include treatment for violent adults. Furthermore, he runs adolescent and adult female and male therapy groups that focus on family dynamics, self-harm prevention, cognitive rehabilitation, mood regulation, and trauma coping strategies. Dr. Hai is a published author and editor.