The Woodland Hills Program

Creative Care Woodland Hills rests tucked away in a residential neighborhood in the urbanized San Fernando Valley. The facility resides on a lush half-acre property set back and secured by modern gates allowing the autonomy and privacy of every client. The facility is enveloped in mid-century modern, luxurious accommodations creating a home-like feel for our clients to embark on their healing process.


At Creative Care we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality of clinical excellence. Our staff psychiatrist, who is triple board certified, will meet with each client one to three times per week based on necessity. Each client will receive three individual sessions weekly with their assigned therapist and one session a week with their secondary counselor. Our therapists are well-seasoned, specializing in addiction and co-occurring disorders, and are highly trained in an array of clinical modalities to provide individualized treatment to each client that comes through our doors. We believe in unearthing and understanding the core of our clients’ experiences, collaborating with them to target symptoms and achieve goals, and to walk alongside our clients in their recovery journey. They will develop coping mechanisms and grounding techniques on how to survive stressors without the crutch of self-medicating.

At Creative Care we believe in the 12-Step program and philosophy as an important component in treatment to help support the clients sustain a life of recovery. Clients attend nightly 12-step meetings and are encouraged to obtain a sponsor and begin building a fellowship in the recovery community. Our goal is to equip our clients with the skillset to navigate life on life’s terms and guide them in fostering healthy behaviors to live a quality of life free from the shackles of their addictions.

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