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COVID-19 Safety Compliance at Creative Care

COVID19 Safety Protocols at Creative Care Concept - Masked staff and clients in group setting

Ensuring the Safety of Our Clients and Staff

Throughout the past year, Creative Care has held fast to our mission of providing innovative, compassionate treatment to those struggling with mental health conditions. Of course, with the coronavirus pandemic continuing to rage throughout the country, potential clients have questions about the safety of the program. They would like to know what we’re doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, California recently passed legislation strengthening some of the business guidelines that have been in place since last year. Creative Care has a dedicated compliance team ensuring these safety protocols are being followed. As a result, our care team and clients can focus on mental health treatment. To better educate our readers and potential clients, we’d like to explain some of those protocols here.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Treatment Centers

The California Department of Public Health has had safety protocols for treatment centers since the beginning of the pandemic. And Creative Care has been following them since their implementation. We pre-screen our potential clients via phone for symptoms consistent with coronavirus. We also screen for a positive virus test within the past 10 days, recent contact with those who have tested positive, or close contact with anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 but has not yet been tested. Additionally, we assess our clients at least once daily for symptoms. We also use a scanning thermometer to take clients’ temperature upon admission. And we take it at least once daily thereafter as a fever above 100.4° is a potential virus symptom. Finally, we have isolation and quarantine protocols for those who have tested positive, exhibit symptoms, or have been in close contact with someone with a positive test or symptoms.


Assembly Bill 685

Additionally, California’s Assembly Bill 685 took effect on Jan. 1st. This law requires businesses to notify all employees within one business day of learning of possible COVID-19 exposure. Furthermore, it must ensure their education on company safety protocols, worker’s compensation, and sick leave. Additionally, the business must notify the local public health agencies within 48 hours of an outbreak. (For treatment facility settings, the California Department of Public Health defines an outbreak as three or more cases of acute respiratory infection with symptom onset within two weeks of each other. Furthermore, at least one of those cases must have a laboratory confirmation for COVID-19.) The law also gives California’s Division of Occupational Health and Public Safety the authority to shut down worksites where there is an imminent hazard to employees.


Innovative, Creative Care

Creative Care remains open and committed to providing cutting-edge treatment to those struggling with mental health disorders. Meanwhile, our COVID-19 safety compliance team ensures this is done in the safest possible environment. Our expert staff utilizes a wide range of modalities to individualize our clients’ treatment plans. We strive to put them in the best position possible for a lasting, successful recovery. If you or someone you love is suffering from mental health disorders, please consider giving Creative Care a call today at 855-954-0762.