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The Anatomy of Addiction

By Dr. Morteza Khaleghi and Dr. Karen Khaleghi

Available at: AmazoniTunes, and Barnes and Noble online stores.

In their new book, the Khaleghis detail how identifying the root of the triggering events or illnesses is key for the addict to understand and gain control of their behavior. Readers will learn how to:

  • Recognize the factors that escalate addictive behavior
  • Help their loved one peel back the layers of their life to come face to face with painful events and memories that will help clarify their addiction


  • Understand the emotional components of psychological disorders and how they can become the starting points for addiction
  • Re-frame family dynamics to break the addiction cycle


Free From Addiction 

By Dr. Morteza Khaleghi and Dr. Karen Khaleghi 

Available at: AmazoniTunes, and Barnes and Noble online stores.

Addiction invades every region and demographic in the United States, affecting more than 23 million Americans and putting families though a heartbreaking cycle of recovery and relapse. Many people give up and never find the right treatment that will enable them to break free of their addiction forever.

Offering a radical new approach, clinical psychologist Dr. Morteza Khaleghi argues that the vast majority of drug and alcohol addiction is driven by an emotional trauma. A pioneer of the dual diagnosis recovery program, he treats the body for chemical dependency while simultaneously ministering to the emotional block that serves as a trigger for relapse. A regular advisor on the Dr. Phil show, Dr. Khaleghi has mapped out recovery plans for thousands of patients and their families. Well-known facilities such as Hazelden, Sierra Tucson, and the Betty Ford Center refer their toughest cases to him, looking to his vast experience and high rate of success.

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