Oxycodone Withdrawal


As Americans, we have long had a love-hate relationship with narcotic painkillers. Oxycodone has been particularly popular for many years and it has been available under a lot of different brand names. Luckily, however, we are finally starting to understand the dangers of this drug.

The Truth about Oxycodone

Whether you take oxycodone legally or illegally, the reality is that you will never be able to have a good relationship with the drug. It is incredibly addictive and has the potential to ruin lives. People call it “legal heroin” for a reason, mainly the fact that there is very little difference between the two on a molecular level. Because of this, oxycodone is as addictive, as hard to kick and as deadly as heroin.

The only real way to beat an oxycodone habit is by going through detox and withdrawal, followed by a period of rehabilitation. This is a long, difficult road and the chance of relapse is incredibly high. Indeed, only around 10% of people do not relapse at least once in their life. The majority will return to oxycodone, or slip down the dangerous slope of heroin abuse.

Withdrawal from the drug is horrible and painful. Nobody wants to go down that route, but it is the only way to live a drug-free life once again. This is why, at Creative Care, we offer a detox and drug rehabilitation program that is safe and effective, giving you the best chance of recovery. We also specialize in dual diagnosis, which is known to improve the chances of being successful. A dual diagnosis means that someone also has a mental health condition and when this is not addressed, the chance of relapse is greatly increased.

We also work together with those who use oxycodone illicitly, who are at particular risk of death. This is because the substances will not be controlled and monitored, meaning that they could contain anything. Additionally, the dosage will not be clear, which means the chance of overdosing is far greater.

Symptoms and Signs of Oxycodone Withdrawal

The experience of withdrawal depends on the type of drug that is being abused, but also on the person. Their individual physiology and psychological makeup is important, as is the dosage of the drug they took, and whether it was prescribed to them or obtained illegally. Hence, no two withdrawal experiences are the same either. In in fact, even if two people had taken the same drug at the same dose for the same length of time, their experience would still be different, simply because there is a difference in their DNA.
There are, however, a number of symptoms that are commonly experienced, during the different stages of withdrawal according to the National Institutes of Health

These include:

  • In the early stages – Increased respiration, anxiety, lacriation, sweating, rhinorrhea, yawning, restlessness, goose bumps, irritability, anorexia and dilated pupils.
  • In advanced stages – nausea, insomnia, vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, tachycardia, abdominal cramps, muscle spasms, hypertension and muscle and bone pain.

If you are currently suffering from an oxycodone addiction, or known someone who is, then it is vital that you seek help as soon as possible. We are here at Creative Care to help you through this difficult process, supporting you with individual, holistic care packages to help detox and rehabilitate you. It is a long journey, but one that you can complete with proper support and care. Through counseling and various alternative therapies, we will help you to regain control over your own life and be free of addiction.

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