Jordan Pope


Jordan has a warm and all-embracing disposition, geared toward inspiring and empowering individuals to look at personal growth as both attainable and enjoyable. He is a Wellcoaches certified Personal Life Coach as well as a graduate from William Jessup University, earning a B.A. in Business Administration & Christian Theology. He is currently completing a Ph.D. program at Pacifica Graduate Institute in training to become a clinical & depth psychologist. He has learned the art of giving undivided attention and unconditional compassion to others by first taking care of his two sisters, who were born with mental and physical disabilities. He has been a Vipassana meditation practitioner for over four years. Having grown up in California’s Bay Area - a multicultural and progressive region - and traveling throughout various countries around the world, he has a cross-cultural awareness and appreciation. With the presence of a deep peace, and radiant joy, he has a way of seeing and highlighting the good in all for meaningful expansion and development.

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