Dr. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D.


Dr. Frank Lawlis received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech University with an emphasis on Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology and Psychometrics after receiving his Masters in Counseling Psychology and a B.S. in education and mathematics from the University of North Texas. He has pioneered research and clinical methods in research methodology and statistics, imagery techniques (cancer), pain perception and rehabilitation, biofeedback, transpersonal psychology, and most recently, psycho-neuro-plasticity. He has published 18 best-selling books incorporating these concepts and published over 100 articles in research journals. Some of his classic books include The ADD Answer, The IQ Answer, and Transpersonal Medicine. He has served on the teaching staff of five major medical schools and professorships in five major medical schools, including Universities of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas and San Antonio, Texas Tech University Medical School, and Stanford Medical School. He has earned board certification in both clinical and counseling psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology, Inc. and has been awarded the ranking of Fellow by the APA for his scientific contributions to clinical psychology. He also has served as Chief of Oversite Production and Resources on The Dr. Phil Show for 16 years and has gained international fame for his participation on the show. He has joined Dr. Phil in Congressional Hearings on such topics as Foster Care and Addiction issues. Presently he is also Supervisor of the Testing Program, American Mensa. Texas Psychological Assn. awarded him 2018 Outstanding Media Coverage Award.

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