Clinician Referral

Collaborative Clinical Partnerships

Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and mental health professionals from around the globe trust Creative Care with the most complex and delicate clients. For those individuals who need more structure and a higher level of care, clinicians refer to Creative Care and trust that their clients will be treated with the tenderness, compassion and clinical savvy necessary to help them prepare to reintegrate into their daily lives. The clinical team at Creative Care works collaboratively with referring professionals to insure the success of their clients both in and post treatment.


Primary Mental Health & Substance Use Programming

Clinical referents have the benefit of utilizing the treatment programs at Creative Care not only for substance use disordered clients, but also for those with a primary mental health diagnosis. As a much more individualized option than a psychiatric ward, Creative Care’s Calabasas facility has developed a program specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders. For those clinicians who often treat clients with substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders, Creative Care Malibu offers unsurpassed expertise working with dually diagnosed clients. Mental health professionals with clients who need more structure and containment often refer to both Creative Care programs knowing that their clients will receive the highest level of care while being involved in the treatment process.


Connecting with the Creative Care Clinical Team

Sometimes it takes a team to create the right therapeutic relationship, and since 1989 we have experience being a primary referral for clinicians and renown institutions around the country including Hazelden, Betty Ford and Sierra Tucson.

We can work with you to develop your patient’s customized treatment – or serve as a firebreak to make the necessary changes in their addictive behaviors and habits. Clients who have been through multiple treatment facilities do well at Creative Care due to the integration of treating both addiction and psychological conditions simultaneously.

For those of you in need of a treatment program dedicated to individuals with a primary mental health diagnosis, Creative Care Calabasas can serve as a respite for your client, with higher levels of structure and more intensive treatment. Our clinical team can work in partnership with you to create a treatment plan that will most benefit your client during their stay at Creative Care.

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