What an Alcohol and Drug Counselor Can Do For You

What can an addictions treatment counselor do for you? What can they do for someone you care about? Is this something that you have wondered about?

A counselor is someone who has gone through extensive schooling and has followed the processes of registering, certifying, and qualifying to be able to be called a certified addictions treatment counselor. They have experience in this field and are usually very passionate about helping those who are suffering with the disease of alcoholism and addiction.

They can help build relationships with you or a loved one and help to create problem solving skills to resolve problems and adjust attitudes and perceptions. Many methods may be used - including cognitive behavioral, expressive and creative arts, guided imagery, and relational therapy.

A client deserves to know that they are receiving the best possible assistance and care when they are admitted into an in-patient drug rehab program. The counselors at Creative Care in Malibu have standards based on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery and all of them are certified with extensive experience dealing with addiction, alcoholism, and other companion disorders.

The good news is that alcohol and drug dependency is a treatable condition! Addiction is a disease and counselors specialize in treating the whole person and helping them to recover. Our counselors here at Creative Care have consistent and regular one-on- one sessions with all of our clients at least twice per week. Our clients always have direct access to our certified counselors helping them to form a bond and become invested in their treatment. When someone becomes invested in their treatment their success rate raises dramatically.

Our counselors here at Creative Care in Malibu not only have vast experience in this field, but constantly work on fine tuning their skills and learning new ways to help people. They regularly continue their education with trainings and classes and are dedicated in remaining teachable and open to new methods to help those that need them. This goes hand in hand with their passion and drive for what they do.

Our counselors do this not just to have a job, but it is their way of life!

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