Understanding the meaning and needs of people with dual diagnoses

When struggling with addiction, it’s not uncommon to experience multiple conditions at once as you begin the treatment process. Linked with addiction, and not at all uncommon, is anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental conditions. 

Thankfully, Creative Care is a treatment facility in Woodland Hills and Calabasas, California, with qualified staff who can help you through the stages of recovery. After an initial assessment from Dr. Khaleghi, the founder of the program who is commonly known as Dr. K., you will receive counsel from psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and any other specialist you need.

How dual diagnoses treatment works

Patients will be enrolled in team meetings, which happen twice a week. During these meetings, patients will talk about their treatment plan and discuss any necessary changes that need to be made as they progress further along. 

Several stages of treatment can take place at once, which may feel overwhelming, but rest assured – our staff is experienced and qualified to handle even the most complex of cases. Treatments will be administered in ways that are specific to the individual needs of each patient.

Trained therapists will be involved in individual sessions, as well as sessions with family to help with crisis management, legal issues, and anything else related to the struggle of addiction. We at Creative Care understand that addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Often, it’s an extension of previous trauma or source of depression, and addiction happens as part of a broken coping mechanism.

Our therapists can help you realize internalized pain that may have been repressed for years. Unmasking trauma, PTSD, and other resulting mental conditions can start to peel back layers of power that addiction has over you. You can start to see your addiction as a means of escapism rather than a solution. 

Additionally, you can learn healthier coping mechanisms and responses to cravings without having to self-medicate in the future. By dealing with the underlying issues of addiction, you can heal multiple aspects of your life all in one facility, and leave as a holistically healthier person than you were when you first arrived. 

Learn more about treatment programs for people with dual diagnoses

If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with more than one mental disorder, there is help available. You can make an appointment with a specialist at our Woodland Hills or Calabasas locations by calling 866-409-1751. You can also book an appointment at either location online. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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