Top 3 Ways Someone Chooses a Drug Rehab

Creative Care Malibu is interested in how people make their decision when choosing a rehab. Creative Care’s admissions staff asks everyone who calls how they found us and what led them to inquire about our program.

What we have found is that the leading factor in someone choosing a drug rehab is quality of the treatment program. The second factor has been the location of the rehab and the third is the accommodations.

Top-Notch, Expert Clinical Staff

Due to the expert clinical staff that is here at Creative Care, we are pleased that those wanting to get help care about the quality of treatment. Our multi-disciplinary clinical team is composed of psychologists, therapists, nursing staff and a psychiatrist. They have all been with Creative Care Malibu for many years and are dedicated to their work and experienced in treating those with dual-diagnosis issues. The integrity of our program is of utmost importance to us and the treatment we provide is done so with a compassionate approach. We have an unswerving commitment to treating all the co-existing conditions that drive people’s addictions. Our dual-diagnosis approach has proven very successful and many times other facilities will refer their toughest clinical challenges to Creative Care Malibu.

Our psychiatrist Dr. Burton Chertock has been with Creative Care since 1997 and is a detoxification expert along with our nurse Melissa Booth who has experience in this field as well. Our clinical program is unsurpassed and has had much success in the past 24 years. Treating dual diagnosis can be difficult, but Creative Care is completely dedicated to using any treatment modality that might be effective to target the underlying issues of addiction and helping those suffering to heal.

Beautiful, Safe Location In Malibu

Our location is also integral to assisting a person in choosing to come to Creative Care. This is the second way that leads someone to choosing a rehab facility. Overlooking the ocean, a person can see the ever-changing horizon and be reminded of a human’s unlimited potential for change. Located on PCH in Malibu, anyone can come here and be surrounded with the beauty of nature and the peace it brings with it. Waking up in the morning to an awe-inspiring sunrise or watching the sunset after dinner can assist anyone going through a challenging time. The view of the ocean can also serve to remind those suffering that addiction and other co-occurring disorders will ebb and allow a new wave to renew us with discovery and recovery.

Creative Care’s accommodations are top rated on beautiful land in the Malibu Hills. Our licensed houses are comfortably furnished and spacious, allowing our clients the room and space needed to heal. Instead of feeling like a cold, institutional building-our homes are warm and welcoming with balconies and sitting areas that overlook the ocean and beautiful Malibu hills. Each room is fully furnished with comfortable beds, clean linens, nightstands, lamps, and dressers and consistently kept up to allow clients to have freedom from distractions so that they may focus on their treatment and program. Our clients have full access to the dining area that overlooks the infinity pool and where our private chefs serve the delicious meals every day. The meals are always carefully and lovingly prepared including options for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and those requiring gluten free meals. Our walking trails near the horses that are provided for equine therapy are peaceful and serene, allowing many ways for people to nurture themselves in this calm environment.

We welcome people interested in searching for a top notch drug rehab, to call us and schedule a tour. One of our admissions staff would be more than happy to accommodate anyone wishing to visit us.

Although most of the individuals we speak to are interested in the quality of treatment, it is still a small portion of the callers we speak to. There are many other ways that people choose drug rehabs for themselves or a loved one including the smoking policy, amenities, price, and religious affiliations. We would love to see more people do their research to find the drug rehab with the best clinical program and make their decision based on that. The quality of the program needs to be first and foremost in someone’s mind when they are choosing a place to change their life. If they choose Creative Care Malibu, they will be receiving care from dedicated professionals that have provided their services here for over 50 years combined!

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