Physician's letter for Creative Care's Opioid Treatment Program with Integrated Pain Management

Dear Doctor,


We at Creative Care would like to share the excitement we have with the introduction of an Opioid Treatment Program with Integrated Pain Management. Designed by G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. for Creative Care, the focus of the protocol is a multiphasic process in which the patient is detoxed and evaluated for appropriate treatment planning, including skills training toward personal responsibilities of self-care and positive self-esteem building. The program ingredients include physical and emotional balancing in personal pain management as well as processing experiences related to chronic pain management. Additional tools utilized include sensory deprivation chamber sessions and utilization of the BAUD and emWave. Please see our website for welcomed access to Dr. Lawlis' original article of The Dallas Pain Questionnaire.


For more information or to learn more about our program, please call us at any time at (800) 832-3280.


With gratitude,

Creative Care

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