Find Support for Your Mental Health at Creative Care

At Creative Care, we’ve specialized in offering effective, professional, and evidence-based mental health services since 1989. Our professional staff of licensed experts understands that successful recovery from addiction and overcoming the challenges of mental health struggles require teamwork.

Our facilities, individualized treatment programs, and staff requirements are all designed to help you succeed. The hardest work is yours, but we hold ourselves accountable for providing the team support you need along your journey toward freedom.

Mental health support starts with the setting

Creative Care facilities are located in Woodland Hills and Calabasas, California, with another scheduled to open spring 2020 in Malibu. Each is designed to provide a serene and refreshingly optimistic atmosphere with beautifully landscaped grounds and inviting indoor spaces.

Effective mental health support requires a compassionate professional staff

Our team at Creative Care includes an impressive lineup of psychologists, licensed therapists, and medical professionals. Each is committed to Creative Care’s mission of providing compassionate, professional care that helps ensure long-term recovery for persons seeking to address mental health and addiction conditions.

Rather than simply labeling you with a diagnosis, our dedicated experts focus on you and your goals. We understand that each person is an individual with a unique history. Thus, every treatment program is individualized to meet your specific circumstances. The process begins with a careful evaluation, from which we create an action plan and then review it regularly throughout your time with us.

Our clients often praise us for our ability to connect with them. Whether you’re participating in a group setting or an individual counseling session, you can count on your care team’s genuine interest in what you’re saying. You are, after all, the most important member of the team.

Successful mental health care and addiction recovery rely on effective treatment models

Our ongoing success at helping individuals struggling with mental health and substance abuse is also based on the evidence-based therapies we provide.

Our treatment specialties include:

Treatment programs offered at Creative Care include:

If you’re struggling with addiction and/or mental health issues, call Creative Care today at 800-832-3280 to get started on your path to freedom. 

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