Dual Diagnosis Is A Key To Successful Recovery

Most people with a dual diagnosis are able to successfully achieve recovery. Dual diagnosis comes in many forms – Any combination of mental illness (including depression, anxiety or panic, bipolar disorder and other conditions) and substance abuse (abuse or dependence related to alcohol or other drugs) qualifies as a dual diagnosis patient. The chance of recovery improves when people receive individualized dual diagnosis treatment, which means combined mental health and substance abuse treatment from the same clinician or treatment team.

Dual diagnosis is not a rare phenomenon. The National Institute of Mental Health has determined that dual diagnoses affect more than 10 million Americans each year. Unfortunately, there are only a few treatment programs specializing in complex dual diagnosis disorders. Most often, the individual is bounced between treatment systems with different and opposing treatment structures. These fragmented and uncoordinated services create a service gap for persons with a coexisting or co-occurring disorder.

Treating individuals with a dual diagnosis is a complex process, requiring a significant amount of expertise to properly identify and treat these types of conditions. Being that the individual is affected by two separate illnesses, symptoms from each illness can overlap, making accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment more difficult to identify. Nevertheless, individual treatment approaches for dual diagnosis disorders, like those used at Creative Care, provide the greatest likelihood of success for an individual suffering from drug/alcohol addictions and mental/emotional problems.

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and are also struggling with a co-occurring disorder like manic depression or bipolar disorder, borderline disorder, PTSD, anxiety or depression, then you need a program like that offered at Creative Care. If you have questions about how we can help you or your loved, or questions about our program, contact us at Creative Care today. We are committed to treating both the addiction and the disorder so that you or your loved one can find full and total recovery.

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