Drug Treatment in the United Kingdom

Substance abuse treatment in Great Britain has been undergoing great changes in the last several years. As late as 2008, the United Kingdom focused more resources on prevention from a criminal/trafficking standpoint. They still spend a great deal on this angle, but since 2010, they have focused more on reducing demand through education and recovery. More responsibility is now placed on individuals to search for aid and prevail over reliance. Increased weight is given to present a more holistic slant by addressing other concerns in addition to treatment. This is calculated to assist people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol by tackling issues such as offending, employment and housing.

The approach aims to lessen demand and takes an uncompromising approach to targeting those occupied in supplying drugs in the United Kingdom and internationally. In addition, it places more authority and accountability in the hands of local communities to confront drugs and the harms they cause. The strategy’s aims are addressed though three thematic subjects: (i) reducing demand; (ii) restricting supply; and (iii) building recovery in communities.

The United Kingdom Government is in charge of setting the general strategy and for its delivery in the devolved administrations only in issues where it has set aside power. Within the strategy, guidelines regarding health, education, housing and social care are confined to England, while those for monitoring and the criminal justice system cover both England and Wales.

As part of its annual review of the Drug Strategy, the United Kingdom Government published an Action Plan on New Psychoactive Substances in May 2012. In the area of stipulating decrease it seeks to emphasize the potential risks and problems from these substances, advance the value of drug education and work with associates to enhance knowledge and data on these drugs. Measures in the matter of supply decrease include increasing understanding of the threat caused by these substances, making full use of the legislative agenda strengthening the enforcement reaction and strengthen the global response.

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