Creative Care Drug Rehab in Malibu CA Nationwide Commercial Premiers Today

Creative Care is proud to announce their first ever television commercial! Traditionally, we have not done any kind of advertising and have never before done a television commercial. Our referrals come to us by word of mouth and by doing the work we love. We decided to produce a commercial because we wanted to ensure that we were able to communicate with a wide- spectrum of individuals that may not otherwise have heard of us. We hope that this commercial reaches individuals that may be on the brink of getting help.

Some of our clients and families agreed to ‘star’ in our first ever television commercial as a testimonial to the work Creative Care has done and the miracle that has happened for them and their family. In our commercial, you can see some of their stories and the happiness and joy they feel in getting someone back in their family that they so love. We have been honored and privileged to witness these events as they have unfolded. You can feel the emotion come through when you view it and see the great healing that has taken place for them through discovery and recovery.

We are invested in bringing people together that have been lost to addiction and other companion disorders. Is there someone you have lost to addiction that you want back? You can get them back, even if that person is you.

As anyone familiar with addiction knows, it is the great enemy of families and relationships. Addiction and co-occurring mental health issues can cause great devastation and destruction to everyone involved. Creative Care believes in not only treating the whole person, but treating the whole family since everyone suffers when a loved one is struggling from untreated issues.

Creative Care is one of the first recovery centers in Malibu, CA, and the first to treat dual diagnosed individuals. Its founders Dr. Morteza Khaleghi and his wife Dr. Karen Khaleghi have been guiding patients to lasting sobriety since 1989. They have been able to do this by having an excellent clinical staff comprised of professionals that have been with Creative Care for many years. Our doctors and therapists treat the entire person, incorporating the 12-step philosophy and a full range of traditional and experiential therapies including detoxification from alcohol and drugs, a full spectrum of psychiatric and psychological services, nutrition, yoga, equine assisted psychotherapy, expressive arts and adventure therapies to treat mind, body and spirit.

Creative Care believes in treating the underlying issues that can often amplify addictive behaviors. With professional detoxification, psychological support, and 12-step involvement, our compassionate and capable staff offers the highest standards of care in the industry. We believe in innovative, affordable treatment, with costs up to three times less expensive than most Malibu treatment centers. Please see our professional staff page to learn more about our trained therapists.

Our nurturing and dedicated staff goes above and beyond to help reunite and connect our clients with their loved ones in order to start the process of healing. Our compassionate approach to treatment is different in that we do not approach any two cases the same way. Each client receives an individualized program that is specialized for their solitary needs and the needs of their families.

Do you want anyone back? Please visit our website, so that we may help you or your loved one onto the path of recovery.

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