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Kim Murphy Creative Care Kim is a people person and an avid student of the human mind and behavior, a passion that served her well during her tenure as a successful actress in TV, film and theater. She has since turned that interest toward the field of Psychology and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree toward a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Kim uses her personal experience from her own "dark journey" to one of discovery and recovery in her work as Alumni Coordinator. She is very excited to facilitate

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First as a parent and second as a practitioner, Dr. Karen Khaleghi speaks to parents and community organizations about the formation of addiction, the critical aspects of nature and nurture and the resulting disconnection between emotions and behaviors. Both Dr. K and Dr. Karen feel strongly that there needs to be more of a dialogue about the genesis of addiction and the path to recovery, a process they call “connecting the dots. “


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Dr. Deena Manion has been with Creative Care since 1999. She oversees the clinical and administrative aspects of the program and is directly involved with each client’s treatment. Dr. Manion holds her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has been a licensed therapist since 1993. She is originally from New York where she trained under leaders in the field of psychiatry. She has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, day treatment, outpatient and private practice. Dr. Manion has extensive training in Dual Diagnosis and Family Therapy.

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Founder and Executive Director
Renown for his clinical insight and skill, Dr. K personally initiates the clinical evaluation that follows admission to Creative Care Malibu. Dr K was trained at CGI, the California Graduate Institute, earning his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He has been working in the field of addiction and recovery since graduating and has been a key player in the continuing development of the Dual Diagnosis treatment methodology.

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Drug Psychologist Iraj Shamsian, PsyD, MFT
Consulting Therapist

Iraj Shamsian, PsyD has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. He has been working in the field of addiction since 1995. Dr. Shamsian was born in Tehran and attended Albourz High School. He left Iran in 1972 to continue his education at the University of Southern California, where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. He returned to Iran to work until 1984 when he then immigrated to the United States.


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  • Creative Care Drug Rehab in Malibu CA Nationwide Commercial Premiers Today

    Creative Care is proud to announce their first ever television commercial! Traditionally, we have not done any kind of advertising and have never before done a television commercial. Our referrals come to us by word of mouth and by doing the work we love. We decided to produce a commercial because we wanted to ensure that we were able to communicate with a wide- spectrum of individuals that may not otherwise have heard of us. We hope that this commercial reaches individuals that may be on the brink of getting help. Some of our clients and families agreed to ‘star’ in our first ever television commercial as a testimonial to the work Creative Care has done and the miracle that has happened for them and their family. In our commercial, you can see some of their stories and the happiness and joy they feel in getting someone back in their family that they so love. We have been honored and privileged to witness these events as they have unfolded. You Read More
  • Dr. Khaleghi Interview

    Interviewer:    790, KABC.  While Dr. Kipper will answer your questions to the best of his ability, please remember that an on-air diagnosis is not intended to be recommended course of action.  You should consult with your own physician before making any decisions about your health.  Dr. Khaleghi:    Good.  How are you?   Dr. Khaleghi:    Well.   Interviewer:    You guys look great.  We’ve had some history together for a while now.   Dr. Khaleghi:    Yeah.   Interviewer:    And it always kills me when I see a big story in the news, and I forget that yet there’s another kind of way to get high that people should be aware about.  An honor student, a girl fourteen years old, computer cleaner.  Computer spray?  Huffing, which I guess means spraying it into a towel or something, and then snorting the – is it the nitrous out of there?  What are they getting high on?  What is it in it, do you know?  Or is it the alcohol?  What is it in it that gets Read More
  • What an Alcohol and Drug Counselor Can Do For You

    What can an addictions treatment counselor do for you? What can they do for someone you care about? Is this something that you have wondered about? A counselor is someone who has gone through extensive schooling and has followed the processes of registering, certifying, and qualifying to be able to be called a certified addictions treatment counselor. They have experience in this field and are usually very passionate about helping those who are suffering with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. They can help build relationships with you or a loved one and help to create problem solving skills to resolve problems and adjust attitudes and perceptions. Many methods may be used - including cognitive behavioral, expressive and creative arts, guided imagery, and relational therapy. A client deserves to know that they are receiving the best possible assistance and care when they are admitted into an in-patient drug rehab program. The counselors at Creative Care in Malibu have standards based on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery and all of them are Read More
  • Drug Rehab Program: The Top 3 Ways Someone Chooses

    Creative Care is interested in how people make their decision when choosing a rehab. Creative Care’s admissions staff asks everyone who calls how they found us and what led them to inquire about our program. What we have found is that the leading factor in someone choosing a drug rehab is quality of the treatment program. The second factor has been the location of the rehab and the third is the accommodations. Due to the expert clinical staff that is here at Creative Care, we are pleased that those wanting to get help care about the quality of treatment. Our multi-disciplinary clinical team is comprised of psychologists, therapists, nursing staff and a psychiatrist. They have all been with Creative Care for many years and are dedicated to their work and experienced in treating those with dual-diagnosis issues. The integrity of our program is of utmost importance to us and the treatment we provide is done so with a compassionate approach. We have an unswerving commitment to treating all the co-existing Read More
  • Russians in Rehab

    Alcoholism and addiction see no colors and have no cultural boundaries. This disease affects people of all ages and cultures around the world leaving millions to live with untreated alcoholism and addiction and suffering sometimes deadly consequences. When someone is suffering from this disease, they are on an unhappy journey leading to jails, institutions, and death. In 2009, it was reported that over 500,000 alcohol related deaths occurred in Russia with over 3 million dying since 1987 from alcohol related deaths. It was noted that Russians drink over double the amount of alcohol deemed safe by The World Health Organization. Many Russian people live with untreated and even undiagnosed alcoholism and other companion addictions. This could be because drinking is so prevalent in the Russian culture, that it is considered a tradition to drink heavily and it may be easier for an individual to hide their addictions or not even realize that they have a problem. Alcoholism in Russia has been an issue for a very long time while also Read More
  • Mental Health Disorders in the Persian Community

    In the years between 2010 and 2013, Creative Care served over 30 clients from the Persian community that were suffering from untreated and often undiagnosed mental health issues. This is good news, but when you think of the many that are going without any assistance, we have more work to do. The issue of mental health disorders can be stigmatized among the Farsi speaking community and is often considered taboo to even speak of it. There is a cultural creed in this community called ‘taroof’ and this is when guests will come into the house and pretend as if they have no needs and the hosts have to guess what their needs are. This can be related to a person suffering from anxiety, depression or another mental health issue and pretending to feel fine and acting like nothing is wrong while others try to guess what the issue is. This can be frustrating and draining for both parties involved. Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polar, Borderline, and other mental health disorders exist among Read More
  • ‘Recognizing Addictive Behavior’ An Excerpt From: Free From Addiction, By Dr. Morteza Khaleghi

    Addiction affects one in five people in the United States, putting families through a heartbreaking cycle of recovery and relapse. In his book, Free from Addiction, Creative Care’s founder Dr. Morteza Khaleghi empowers you to take positive steps toward recovery. Drawing on over 20 years of experience healing patients, Dr. Khaleghi’s insightful, nurturing and – above all – breakthrough book is geared to anyone looking for help with dependency. Dr. Khaleghi’s book also provides direction for spouses, parents, children, and friends, who bear the brunt of the damaging disease of addiction. Here is an excerpt from Free from Addiction, Chapter 4 ‘Recognizing Addictive Behavior’: How do you know if someone you care about is addicted? There are a great many misconceptions about addiction, and they often form the basis for excuses to not enter treatment. One of the most common misconceptions is: “I’m not an addict because I have a home and a family.” But drug addiction and alcoholism are hardly phenomena relegated to skid row. If anything, there are probably many more addicts Read More
  • Intervention And Inspiration For Heroin Addiction

    Heroin addiction is one of the most troubling and painful addictions in the world. It brings out the worst in us. As such, heroin addiction can be one of the toughest addictions to overcome and its use is a serious problem in America. It’s currently thought that roughly 600,000 people in America need treatment for heroin addiction. Numerous lives have been destroyed by heroin abuse. This was evident when twin sisters Sarah and Tecoa, 25, appeared on the Dr. Phil television show. Both sisters had a normal childhood until their mom and stepfather divorced, and their world changed forever. Sarah and Tecoa say to fill the void, they turned to heroin and sex. As a result of their heroin and crack cocaine addiction, Sarah lives minute to minute on the streets, consumed with her quest for her next fix, and selling her body to pay for her drugs. Tecoa is currently clean, but not by choice. She’s been in jail, unable to do anything but think about drugs. She’s also Read More
  • Marijuana Addiction And Treatment – How To Stop Smoking Marijuana

    Marijuana addiction abuse is one of the foremost drug related problems facing society today. Marijuana addiction is a phenomenon experienced by more than 150,000 individuals each year who enter treatment for their proclaimed addiction to marijuana. Marijuana addiction is characterized as compulsive, often uncontrollable marijuana craving, seeking, and use, even when the individual knows that marijuana use is not in his or her best interest. While not perceived by many users to be a dangerous drug, marijuana can cause serious problems with memory, learning, concentration and sexual performance. It can cause anxiety and panic attacks, and high doses can cause acute toxic psychosis with delusions, hallucinations and identity confusion. What makes marijuana additionally dangerous is that so many young people can see no harm in smoking pot. An attitude like this can easily lead many young adults to chronic marijuana use or dependence. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration stated that, in 2006, more than 4 million Americans aged 12 and older fit the criteria for dependence or Read More
  • Alcohol Blackouts – A Sign You May Need Alcohol Treatment

    Individuals who drink excessive amounts of alcohol can experience a blackout, a period during which the drinker literally does not remember what has happened in the recent past. Blackouts can range from being mildly annoying to life threateningly dangerous. I found this out first hand on the day of my 23rd Birthday when I came out of an alcohol induced blackout and found myself in jail. I remember talking my sixth or seventh “birthday shot” but that’s the last thing that I can recall about that night. I don’t remember getting into a friend’s car, I don’t remember my friend crashing his car into a palm tree doing 65 mph, and I definitely don’t remember being pulled out of the car by police and being arrested. When I awoke in jail later that evening, I had no idea where I was or how I got there. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, blackouts are periods of alcohol-induced amnesia. During these times, an individual actively participates in Read More
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