There are many roads that lead clients to Creative Care Malibu – and roads to navigate when they leave us. On this page you will find Creative Care documents, listings for caring professionals, programs and non-profits that we believe may help.

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In some cases it is necessary for family and friends to intervene – to take direct and clear action to see that a loved one gets the help they desperately need. There are experts who specialize in this first, very difficult, but crucial step in the recovery process.

Surrender Interventions > Dirk Eldredge,
800-832-3280 Los Angeles Area 

Gallant and Associates > Paul Gallant

Hightower and Associates
800-832-3280  Los Angeles Area 

Breakthrough Interventions > James Murray
800-832-3280 Los Angeles Area

Ferguson Behavioral Health Consulting > Mike Ferguson
800-832-3280  Los Angeles Area, CA
800-832-3280 New York City, NY
800-832-3280 Birmingham, AL
800-832-3280 San Francisco Bay Area, CA
800-832-3280 Chicago Area, IL

Full Circle Intervention > Kristina Wandzilak
800-832-3280 San Francisco Area
800-832-3280 Scottsdale AZ 

Hired Power > Nanette Zumwalt
800-832-3280 Los Angles Area

Crisis Case Management > Mike Appel,
800-832-3280 Massachusetts and Florida

Love First Interventions
800-832-3280 Michigan

Assistance in Recovery
800-832-3280 Minnesota


Youth Treatment

At Creative Care, we address the needs of those 18 years and older; but addiction and its companion disorders can, of course, invade the lives of younger teens.

Visions Adolescent Treatment

Newport Academy

Second Nature Wilderness Programs

Hazelden Center for Youth and Family

Caron Treatment Centers

Timberline Knolls

Cumberland Heights


Sober Living

For those ready to transition from Creative Care, we offer a listing of opportunities for sober living – a safe place to slowly re-enter a busy and demanding world.

Haven House For Men

Haven House For Women

Madden House

Bohdi Casa

Foundation House

St. Paul Sober Living

Malibu Beach Sober Living

Non Profits

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

Association of Intervention Specialists

Center for Recovery Solutions

The partnership at Drug Free

Addiction Help Books
The relapse rate for addicts in conventional treatment programs is a shocking 70-90%, despite the best efforts of family members, doctors, and the addicts themselves. Why is conventional treatment often failing? Creative Care Malibu founders Morteza and Karen Khaleghi believe they have the answer – unresolved emotional trauma. In their new book, they detail how identifying these traumas, along with undiagnosed illnesses, is key for the addict to understand and gain control of their behavior.  Readers will learn how to:

·       Recognize the triggers that escalate addictive behavior

·       Help their loved one peel back the layers of their life to discover painful events and memories that have led to self-medication  

·       Understand the emotional components of psychological disorders and how they can become the starting points for addiction

·       Re-frame family dynamics to break the addiction cycle

free from addiction
There is a way out. There is hope. Addiction invades every region and demographic in the United States, affecting more than 23 million Americans and putting families though a heartbreaking cycle of recovery and relapse. For many, traditional treatment has not worked. In his book, Dr Khaleghi explains a form of treatment that requires a deeper analysis of the self - and the pain, depression, or trauma that has contributed to the grip of addiction.