We have dedicated ourselves, for over 20 years, to working with diverse population of men and women who suffer from chemical dependency and emotional issues. Providing effective treatment services for addiction and mental health issues through dual diagnoses has been our singular mission at Creative Care.

We understand that drug and alcohol treatment is the only chance at surviving addiction and that it can be very expensive. While all intensive health care is costly we work with clients and families in every financial position, and strive to make drug rehab affordable.

To help with the cost of recovery we have Admission Specialists:

  • Contact your insurance carrier to determine level of coverage
  • Verify and apply insurance coverage for chemical dependency

While Creative Care has premier facilities in Malibu, excellent staff to client ratios and amenities, we are able to provide our programs at a reasonable cost. Insurance can often help offset, and, occasionally, completely cover the cost of receiving treatment at our facility. Let us use our unparalleled expertise in navigating the often-confusing process involved in insurance reimbursement to insure you have the best care at Creative Care.

Contact us directly at to speak with a trained Admission Specialist about your options.


Most Insurance Accepted
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